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"A crowd of guys (overcompensating) are yelling "DUO! DUO! DUO!...." in a strip club and one guy, to everone's surprsize, yells "Shower!!!" A few times and one guy leans over to the other and says "wow, that guy's suffisticated." -- Black Jester™ (Gölök Buday).
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Closet Libertarian

In Defence of Exotic Dancing and Nude Modeling.; by Gölök Buday

They've (in the nonsensical collective) have been accused of being debauching bisexual whores who do nothing more than tease males (who, in the accusatory mode, are more into other males on the sports monitors) with their delightful bodies. They often are accused of being slutty and sapphistic and by people they probably don't even know.

They get bullied by everything from bad agents to deviant DJs (disk jockeys). In many cases told that no one would ever love someone who exposed themselves for a living.

To this I offer a debunking. What some red necked gay bashing faggot say's on his way to his Transam Firebird is of no consequence to me, nor is his mindless ranting at the women he wishes to offer an abusive trophy relationship with.

Exotic dancing is an individual art form, and the better the dancer, the less you hear the shitty sounds of popular noise hitting you ear. It's the one form of entertainment that closetlibertarian-gzlfbis reliant on rising above their material.

The exposure of their beautiful body does one of two things; the first is pacifying the audience, another is to show off something beautiful that God has graced the world with, female human beauty. A gift much like that of a flower or a read eared terrapin. There is a cleverness, for instance humor is included in an act, making comedy clubs trite to this straight male; my mother when she did it, did something absolutely brilliant, even, she placed her clothes on in a set.

Another gripe of mine, is that the average accuser of strippers is the same type of male who would rather watch ass grabbing in baseball, man on man mounting on Ultimate Fighting (possibly belonged and loved the Greco-Roman wrestling team during their high school years.), these so-called "men" will ignore a fabulous looking dancer and a decent act just to watch a football act, and we all know how those games start.

So, in conclusion, I would suggest that those raging closet queens start going to sports and gay bars and stop hypocritically slamming your bible at perverts row, and admit your moral indignence. As for the women, maybe a little less envy.

Gölök Buday
Closet Libertarian (Tall Man; Black Coat and Suit; Goatee, Brown Hair and Eyes; B.J.)
217-2255 Pandora Street
Vancouver, BC V5L 1N7


Ph/Fx: 604-437-8744

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"There may not be an 'I' in team, but there is an 'I' in Libertarian (in fact 2)" -- Gölök Buday, April of 2002