"A crowd of guys (overcompensating) are yelling "DUO! DUO! DUO!...." in a strip club and one guy, to everone's surprsize, yells "Shower!!!" A few times and one guy leans over to the other and says "wow, that guy's suffisticated." -- Black Jester™ (Gölök Buday).
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Clearing the Record

Ladies and gentlemen, I've got to clear the air here. Many of you have been accusing me of being a "faggot" and a rampant homosexual, and to this I say, nonsense. So I have a cat or two, cook, buy playboy for the articles, and have a respect for nice clothing, but tell me this, does it make me queer just because I got caught in a bus station bathroom with my pants down? I mean it happened once and I still say I had no idea that guy was kneeling in front of me. However I digress, and I will make very clear, I advocate removing American football from American football and placing the cheerleaders on TV for the entire game. Now if that's not enough overcompensation then I will present this very heterosexual Top 105 strippers list.

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Found out who committed that "devious" joke, "My bitch better have my money. / through rain, sleet or snow. / My whore better have my money, / not half, not some, but all my cash. / 'Cause if she don't, / I'm gonna put my foot in her ass..," The Character Flyguy From The Uproarius Blacksploitation Parody, "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka," I am humiliated by my Absent Mindedness once again, I love this Movie.
Best "Soul" Cinema; Patronizing I know; DVD -- CAN

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"There may not be an 'I' in team, but there is an 'I' in Libertarian (in fact 2)" -- Gölök Buday, April of 2002

© 2001, Gölök Z.L.F. Buday (aka Black Jester™)