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Papageno Aria: Magic Flute; Herman Prey: Baritone. -- Bratislava Philharmonic.
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"A crowd of guys (overcompensating) are yelling "DUO! DUO! DUO!...." in a strip club and one guy, to everone's surprsize, yells "Shower!!!" A few times and one guy leans over to the other and says "wow, that guy's suffisticated." -- Black Jester™ (Gölök Buday).
Tell Your Representative To Fight Coined Money And Bring Back Bills, Even Penny Bills; Coins Take Money/Tips From Your Mouth!!!!!!!!
Setting The Record Straight; A Black Jester Site Feature
A Defence of Stripping; The Antithesis of Prostitution. ©Infinity (like all I-Prop.) Gölök Buday; Closet Libertarian.
Buday For Mayor Campaign On Stripping
Letter To....The Vancouver Courier: Vol. 14, No. 27, Wed. VII-07-2004 as forwarded to Usenet
No. 5 hit with suspension for alleged breast touching incident The owners of a well-known Downtown Eastside strip club say they are being unfairly targeted by police and the province's liquor branch. [I say about fucken time. -- gzlfb]News from The Vancouver Courier: Vol. 14, No. 27, Wed. VII-07-2004
[Drake On June 25th 2003] [Drake On July 09th 2003] [Drake On Sept. 26th 2003]
Steve Burgess Needs To Get Out More.
Next2Nothing of ASS-C Denies Entertainment Value And Treats Dancers Like Whores
Next2Nothing of ASS-C Denies Entertainment Value And Treats Dancers Like Whores: Vol. 00
ASSC; LIBTR; CLSC-PST: Definitions for the misguided SCer or in some cases dancer; Living Websters Encyclopedic Dictionary for the English Language
[TMET/BJ] Item Shop; Shop for all sorts of stuff. [Updated Frequently or Hither and Thither]
TM and Other Nasty Shit That Has Used or Attacked A Dancer One Time Or Another
Playboy E-Mail and Snail Mail Contacts. Playboy -- [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]
alt.sex.strip-clubs LIBTR
alt.sex.strippers LIBTR
Website Author Is An Opera User
Java Chat: alt.sex.strip-clubs on IRC; Sexism and Voids of Entertainment Business, Worlds, and alter-ego Knowlledge May Be Lurking.
©Alpha-Recent Gölök Buday; Closet Libertarian™
Mixed Drinks...
The Black Jester™
A Drop of Wild Turkey Into A Glass of Guinness. ©Alpha-Recent Gölök Buday aka The Black Jester™ ©Alpha-Recent Gölök Buday.

The Buday Espresso™
Espresso (choice of shots); pepper, dash of; and Lemon.
Best stuff; 1. Guinness (I understand the FDA has declared this a health food when not a drunkard about drinking it), 2. Killkenny Cream Ale [Guinness and Franco-Assisi Monks]; 3. Caffreys; 4. Harp; 5. Kootenay Stout; 6. Ricard's Red; 7. Pilsner (Bohemia; CZ.); 8. Heineken [Appearently Magyar/Hungarian not Nederlander]; Becks. Southern Comfort. A.N.'s Wild Turkey. Zzwak Unicum. Egri Bikaver [Bull's Blood]. Warre's Warrior Vintage Port.
jolt cola and more.guinness -- best imported and on tap
Got Guinness???
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[Vancouver Licence Bylaw No. 4450 (12353v12); 14.2 Exotic Dancers and Strippers (pdf file)] [By Law File Is Also In The Archives] [Adobe Acrobat Reader]

Outrage in Sacremento....
[Stripper's daughter allowed to return to school] [School: Stop stripping or your daughter's expelled]

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